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Gaia_Blaze on Mature Chat

Name Gaia_Blaze
Age 42
Gender female
Zodiac Scorpio
Build Athletic
Hair Dyed
Height 5'0" (1.5m)
Weight 95 lbs (43kg)
Eye Color Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Cup Size C
Preference Straight
I love to hang out and chat. I love to play. I am very naughty. I hang out often, so stop by. You never know what you'll see. There's rarely a dull moment with me! There are a lot of webcam models out there. But I promise none are like me!. Exotic dancer for 8 years. Peep shows first 2 of them. Great dirty talk and role playing. Dress sexy ALWAYS. Wild cat in sack. Only one way to find out... I hope you do! I may disappear at times. I am not gone. Cyber hide and seek. Don't be too shy try. I'm a dirty girl. It doesn't take much to turn me on. I LOVE anal. I love being submissive. I love a man that is respectful and kind. I am turned on by a firm but gentle hand. I melt for a tongue in my ass... oh baby. My favorite! While tied down!.
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